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With so many online vintage boutiques, I’m on the hunt to find and share as many gems as I can! Especially local to Melbourne ! I recently met up with Tayla, another Melbourne gal who sources and sells vintage items that you need to check out! In particular she has a great eye for shirts and coats and anything 70s style but have a look at her shop on  Etsy  and follow her Instagram for aesthetic vintage fashion and plants pics ! Also check out our interview below for more information about Tayla and her love for vintage! She's also having a MASSIVE sale this weekend before another big release!


Questions about being a vintage buyer:


  1. Tell me about the last vintage item you bought.

I just recently bought a really amazing wool coat from a store on Etsy.


  1. What vintage items do you buy the most and why?

Probably mostly things from the 70s. Maybe the 90s as well.  


  1. Where do you buy most of your vintage items? Online, what websites? In person, what stores? Op shops? Markets? Which ones and why?

Usually from Opshops! I like to go as far away as I can from the main city areas so mostly suburbs where older people live. Unexpectedly Springvale  is a great spot for opshops!




  1. Do you have a favourite decade or vintage style or do you look at all age periods?

Definitely 70s and 90s . Those are the decades that I find sell the best. The style still works and it is a very particular style. Older than 70s I would never find in the op shops.


  1. What sites do you use to browse online shopping?

Mostly Ebay and Etsy. When I lived in Nez Zealand I used Trademe. 


  1. Do you look for cheap finds, or invest in something special every now and then?

A bit of both. I’ve definitely got a cheap mindset from shopping at op shops because you can find a good deal, but I will invest in something nice every now and then , like a good coat.


  1. What is your intention when you go to a website such as Do you look for something in particular or browse? If so what do you search for?

Usually just ” Vintage clothes”. And price sort from low to high !


  1. Do you think there is sufficient supply of vintage items in Melbourne online and in store/markets?

Yeah  I think there is but it depends where you go , the city and the suburbs there are some great stores but definitely pricey sometimes .  

  1. What colours do you look for in vintage items?

Mostly wearable colours. Black stuff can be tricky to photograph. Neutral colours  I find sell best and are more versatile.

Questions about being a vintage seller:


  1. When did you set up your own online vintage business and why?

I started my Etsy shop in April this year, but I have been selling clothes online since I was like 12 or 13. Through a NZ website called Trade Me or Ebay so I had a lot of experience with posting items. Most of my friends love op shop too.

  1. How do you decide which items you keep and which items you sell?

If you have lots of something , for example I have lots of coats, I’m more likely to sell the ones I find. I found this navy corduroy coat the other day and even though I love coats, I was like someone will love that, so I posted it to my store.

  1. Would you say you have narrow demographic buying items from you? Who are they? Are they younger or older customers mostly? Are they local or international buyers mostly?

It’s mostly Australia and America, (they even pay way more from the shipping than the items!) The Aussie buyers are mostly from NSW or areas where there isn’t as much access to vintage stores like we have in Melbourne.

4. What do you think is the key to your success with an online vintage retail shop?

Consistency with putting stuff up at least once a week good clear photos.


  1. What is the most challenging part of owning an online vintage retail store?

Going out and getting all the stuff without a car. Planning to go to these suburbs and take this many bags etc . It can be risky if you go to all that trouble and don’t find anything.


  1. Why did you choose for your store to be housed in online?

I feel like Etsy is way more a niche site for selling your stuff especially vintage. Ebay is full of crap and buyers just want a good deal. Etsy has a higher quality and so people are willing to pay a bit more for that quality .


  1. What are your most popular items/ items that have sold the most times or for the highest price?

  At the moment cardigans and jumpers sell super easily as it is winter and the vintage knits are such good quality fabrics they are very popular.

  1. What would your advice be to someone looking to start their own vintage Etsy shop?

Just do it. I’d been thinking about it for so long.! Get focused . Don’t be scared of nothing selling!


  1. Do you ever host markets or pop up shops or do you stick to the online? How come?

Just online for now!



Thank you so much for reading!

For more pics, have a look at Shop Green Girl Co's shop on  Etsy  and follow the  Instagram for aesthetic vintage fashion and plants pics !