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 In exploring our online vintage-loving community, I have come across so many kind people willing to share their experiences with me as someone who is new to the community. This week I reached out to Natasha, a Perth based super mum who loves to buy and sell vintage and second hand goods. I was immediately impressed with her styling and photography talents and selection of items that she sells.

She shared some of her experiences and thoughts about selling online in our interview below, but make sure you also check out Three Little Treasures on Instagram for more information , more pics and to see what new goodies she has available ! 

Q. When did you set up your own online vintage business and why?

     A. It all started just a few weeks ago after stumbling upon this lovely online pre-loved community we have across Australia. I’ve always loved thrifting and just recently found out that the world of second-hand shopping is shifting towards the greater ideal of making the world a better place by recycling, reusing and re-purposing objects around us. I wanted to be a part of that. Being a vintage seller also fulfils my need to shop while earning a little pocket money on the side.

    Q. How do you decide which items you keep and which items you sell?


    A. This is a hard one to do to be honest. I guess I try to categorise these items into 2 groups, ones I love but wouldn’t use for long and the ones I love and would definitely keep for a long time. There comes a time when even these things you love would have to part with you and find a new home.


     Q. Would you say you have narrow demographic buying items from you? Who are they? Are they younger or older customers mostly? Are they local or international buyers ?

    A. I think mostly my buyers would be local and someone my age range, more specifically a mum about 27-40 years old. I think my preferences would most likely resonate with this demographic.

    Q.What do you think is the key to your success with an online vintage retail shop?

    A. Perseverance is key to every success I think. No matter what it is you do, as long as you keep at it you will see result! In this business you’d also need a keen eye to details and current trends. It also helps by keeping contact with your fellow online thrifters where you can get support and support others too. They’re a very loving community.

     Q. What is the most challenging part of owning an online vintage retail store?

    A. Figuring out what customers want. And also managing the time to put together a unique collection of items to sell, styling, photographing and listing each items takes a lot of thinking and effort to do.

    Q. Why did you choose Instagram for your store to be housed in online?

    A It’s a great social media platform that utilises mainly images and photos to grab people’s attention. It’s perfect to showcase your products and style!


    Q. What would your advice be to someone looking to start their own vintage shop?

    A. Just go for it! You’ll never know if you don’t take that first step.


    Q.Do you ever host markets or pop up shops or do you stick to the online? How come?  

    A.I have hosted a market stall once, selling hand-painted pots and plants. I find the effort needed was a bit too much for me to handle so I haven’t tried again. So far selling online has been working much better for me. I can manage my own time and I don’t need to be present constantly for my customers. It’s a great gig for a busy mum like myself.


    Q. What do you think is important when marketing solely (or mostly) online?


    A. It’s important to post contents frequently, although not too much. Give them something to want but also keep them guessing of what’s coming next. You’d also want to learn more on product styling and photography since it’s mostly what you’ll be doing. Find your own style and keep exploring new ways to keep things interesting.


    Q. Is there anything else you want people to know about being a vintage seller or about your store?

    A. I guess I’d like you to know I love what I do here, finding treasures to be re-homed and re-loved again. I’m currently branching out and have been collecting  fashion items such as jewellery and bags. I am also looking for more home decor pieces instead of kids’ items.

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