Vintage Style Inspiration: Kriss Poison!

 To start off the spooky month of October in the lead up to Halloween I wanted to chat with an iconic Melbourne vintage lover whose interest in witchcraft, old horror movies, vampires and all things Halloween inspires her incredible and unique style all year round. 

Kriss Poison is a gorgeous,  gothic , granpire whose style permeates all of her creative passions from hairdressing and vintage hair styling, to floristry, to shopping, to home décor, to movies and photographing and blogging about all of the above ! Make sure you check out her Instagram pages   @granny.goth and @kriss.poisonas well as her blog  to follow her creative adventures and iconic vintage looks and have a scroll to see our interview and favourite photos.

 How would you describe your style?
I’m an Old Vampire Bat, forty and fabulous! My style is my own, it’s Vintage Vamp. A mix of Granpire, Gothemian, Spooky and Granny Goth!


Have you always had your distinctive look or was it something that developed over time?
Yes, I’ve always been unique in my style and dress, I have never been afraid to express my true self. I’m an Artist.

    Tell us a bit about what you do creatively, for fun and for work?
    I’m creatively focused in all aspects of my life, primarily a Hairdresser and have been creating hair art for over 20 years. I’m a Vintage Hair enthusiast and well known for my version of the Bettie Page fringe. Am also a qualified Florist and make deadly handmade Black Roses for my flower business Little Poison Garden.

    For fun, I create my Granpire art, make coffin bookmarks, badges and needle felted characters. Along with my art, I enjoy baking, sewing and crafting.
      Tell me a little bit about how you started buying vintage and why you like vintage fashion?
      I have been watching Old Movies ever since I was a little girl. This inspired my love for Vintage Hair and Fashion.

      Where do you buy your beautiful vintage vampire clothes from? Especially your blouses! Where are your favourite spots in Melbourne to shop vintage? If you shop online at all where do you like to shop?

      Thank you! I randomly find Vintage Treasures on our road trips. I have a great eye and know what I like, so it comes easy. I’m always on the hunt for blouses but often I’ll find dresses and turn them into blouses. I hardly buy Vintage online, as it’s all about the hunt., digging though racks and finding that hidden gem. However, I do buy my Spooky stuff online.

        What do you usually look for when you go vintage shopping? What colours or patterns do you look for in vintage items?
        I’m a huge fan of Granny and Spooky Old Lady items, I look for black, florals, pastels, velvet, frills, high neck collars anything like that, as well as granny handbags and 60s~70s related stuff.
        Do you have a favourite decade or vintage style or do you look at all age periods when shopping?
        I’m Bewitched by the 1960s and 70s! I also like the 20, 30s and 40s.

          What movies, books and fashion icons inspire your style?
          I could talk about this for hours, I have so many movie and style icons. Lily Munster from The Munsters is my number 1 icon. I also love Morticia from The Addams Family, Elvira and Vampira. Dark Shadows a Gothic soap opera from the 60s and 70s inspires my love for Victorian revival as well as the movie Morgiana (1972) and Bram Stokers Dracula for obvious reasons V—V.

          Mrs. Meers from Thoroughly Modern Millie, Endora from Bewitched and Mrs. Slocombe from Are you Being served drive my love for Granny Stuff! The Love Witch a modern movie dripping with Occult 60s vibes and as for the books that inspire me, I love Gothic Horror, Witchery and Vintage Murder Mysteries mostly like Agatha Christie.

          You can find more movie recommendations on Kriss's blog !

            Are you also interested in vintage homewares and home décor to match your fashion style? 
            Yes, Granny Floral! I have quite a collection of lovely teacups and plates that I adore.

              Do you do anything special to celebrate Halloween?
              Absolutely! We celebrate Halloween like people would Christmas!

              Kriss also posts on her blog about shopping and decorating for Halloween!

                When did you start your blog and what inspired you to create it?

                I started it several years ago. As for what inspired me? I think my love for fashion and old movies. I love sharing and talking about style, what I am watching and my adventures.

                  Do you think there is sufficient supply of vintage items in Australia online and in store/markets?

                  I think there used to be more in the way of street shops and markets. I hardly buy Vintage online as I really love to hold the item, feel how the fabric feels and look at how the fit is. Sizing has changed so much over the years so it can be hit and miss.

                    Do you have a favourite vintage item from your personal collection? Tell me about it.

                    Yes, I have a very special dress I bought in Japan several years ago, true vintage in Royal Blue, bibbed with lace and puffed sleeves and very Dark Shadows, I'll take that one to the Grave!

                      What advice would you give to someone who wants to me more confident with their unique style?

                      Own it, live it, breath it! No one else can be you and that is your power.


                      Is there anything else you want people to know about your style, your blog and your experiences?

                      Find out more about my Style, Interests and Art at

                        Thank you so much for reading!

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